Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obligatory Steelers Post

OK.. you gotta follow along. I thought it would only be a cultural comment that even a publication as boring as Reliable Plant Magazine has a story: The story behind the steel logo on Steelers' helmet. Think about it; if I call a magazine boring.

But then I do the Pittsburgh read of what the magazine writes about. What do I find? Last week they ran a story: Tech salary survey reveals conflicted job market that has a list of metro regions ranked by the largest annual salary increases. . . and. . . Pittsburgh comes in 3rd with a 11.9% increase between 2007 and 2008. A good sign, but tempered a bit by the fact that the we don't show up on the list of where salaries are actually highest. But double digit increases can lead to convergence with other regions pretty quickly if sustained.

Back to the Steelers:

Not news here, but most know about the remake that was made of the classic Joe Green/Coca Cola ad. You really want to read AdFreak's post on the new version featuring Troy Polamalu which has some supplemental stuff including YouTube on the original actor in the commercial. Also from AdFreak is a post on the worst Superbowl Ad ever. It really is so bad that you have to watch it.
Finally the Steelers logo. So we all know they are hypocycloids which must make that the single best known geometry fact in Western Pennsylvania. We must teach in grade school the fact that the Steelers logo was once the logo of the US Steel industry itself and even the story about how the Steelers came to display the logo on only one side of the helmet. Less well known is who designed the actual logo. US Steel technical writer David Ross.
Just wondering. What is Steely up to?


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