Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ad numerum

Call me left brained, but some stories really could use more quant.

PG today follows up on the pre-obituary for train service from Pittsburgh to New York: Amtrak's Regulars Treasure the Pennsylvanian. Here is the annual ridership from 2012 at each of the stations impacted by this.  This all comes from which has a host of data on literally each station. See links below for more on that.

Altoona 26,978
Greensburg 13,395
Huntington 5,837
Johnstown 23,964  
Latrobe 4,669  
Lewiston 8,315
Pittsburgh 129,372
Tyrone 3,108

and yes... to the map. But again, from Mike Hicks of MN what this all looks like visually.

I will add one semi-relevant factoid.  All the state subsidies out on the Eastern side of the state for rail.... it looks like both Harrisburg and Lancaster make  it onto the list of the top 25 busiest Amtrak stations in the nation.


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