Thursday, May 25, 2006

State of the Brew I: Water in, Water Out

It clearly has not been a good week for beer in the Burgh. There has been enough comment, but remarkably not as much gnashing as one would expect, over the news that Rolling Rock will no longer be produced in Latrobe once Anheuser-Busch completes its purchase of the brand's assets.

but Iron City's future is not clear either... the future of which could also impact the virtual hometown brew: Stoney's, formerly of Smithton. Despite the news yesterday that the Pension Benefit Guarantee Board is taking over Pittsburgh Brewing's pension fund, serious issues remain. New York magazine The Deal explains this week that one major legal hassle has been over the company's sewer bill. Aparently we all get billed for sewer services based on the amount of water we consume. Water consumption is metered, while sewer usage is not, but the assumption is that water-in must in some way equal water-out. That is probably true for almost all of us, but may not be the case for Pittsburgh Brewing's Lawrenceville Plant where a lot of that fine-tasting Pittsburgh tap water leaves the building in barrels and does not get drained into the sewer (at least not without further 'downstream' and highly distributed processing). In the balance are bill's in the $millions. At least it gives the accountants and lawyers something to argue about.

but the real question is whether Anheuser-Busch will they reveal why the "33" is on the label??


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