Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Is there an historian in the house?

If the Carnegie Library's version is correct, then one of the most underappreciated inventors in history is Hugh J. Ward, the alleged Hazelwood inventor of BINGO. The poor fellow is not even mentioned in Wikipedia's history of bingo. I only think about this because, on the precipice of the casino-tsunami about to hit town, I wonder if anyone has contemplated if (or how much?) slots will displace any of the bingo revenue collected by nearly every church and charity in the region. Of course, it's not just bingo, which is legal, but all of the other de facto gaming that has become essential to so many local charities and non-profits... whether technically legal or not.

If anyone thinks that bingo is just a penny-ante diversion. In most bingo halls you can use an electronic bingo computer to increase the number of cards you can play at a time. Saves on all those daubers as well.


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