Sunday, June 25, 2006

Revenge Return of the Riverboat Casino

You will need to read all the way to end of this, but the Trib has an interview with State Senator Fumo on the state of gambling that has an interesting observation. Where he says:
"the applicants .... They might be willing to put up the money to bring in a riverboat. You could see anywhere there's a river or the potential for a riverboat, they could put up a temporary facility."
The potential for riverboat gambling was a big debate in Pittsburgh 12 or so years ago. Lots of the same issues then are coming up again. Whatever one thinks of gambling in general, many have decried what a bad idea a big ugly temporary facility would be. This idea that a riverboat could be a temporary facility seems to be coming out of the blue. Has this been discussed as a possibility anywhere? If they allow it in Philly, seems likely they will allow it in Pittsburgh.. and if it is allowed, it's hard to believe whoever wins the license will pass up the $$ an early temporary facility (whether a riverboat or not) will bring in.


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