Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Transportation Tuesday

.. maybe we will make this a weekly motif... we will see.

I thought the photo would be just a tad bit harder to figure out. The photo contest was indeed PAT's commuter rail line, or PATrain, which ran from the Mon Valley into Downtown. I even went to the trouble of smudging out the PATransit label that appeared on the front and the side of the engine. The answer came quickly from Jim Russell/Globalburg (who has a blog on the Burgh Diaspora) and a postcard to him is in the mail already. I actually have a few of these postcards, if someone really wants one pop me an email. Someone ought to have a comprehensive PATrain web site, but I don't know what it is. Potter at CP has some information on the history of commuter rail in the county.

PATrain was not alone. It is just a coincidence, but tomorrow (July 12th) is the 21st anniversary of the last ride of the Pennsylvania and Lake Erie (P&LE) commuter rail line from Station Square to Beaver Falls.

and you may want to keep up on Bike Pittsburgh's Blog which has a note there about a meeting with Dan Onorato on Thursday where he will be briefing Young Voters and the general public on his Transportation improvement plan. See their blog for more info on place and time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Potter mentions the use of the AVRR line for a commuter line. I've heard that it could be inexpensively instituted and run (that is, inexpensive compared to the North Shore Connector).

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