Thursday, August 03, 2006

How to get Steelers tickets...

... well, not this year, but this may help next year. Only because I suspect the readership of this blog is so low will I tell the 'secret' of how to get game tickets every year. Mine just came yesterday. For those on the waiting list for season tickets, the Steelers will give you the chance to buy a few tickets each year to a couple games on a first come first served basis. So each summer when I get the order form, I make sure to mail it back the very next day. Being obsessive, I actually go the extra step of taking the letter over to the post office serving the Steelers' office on the North Side, go to the counter and ask the person working to put it directly into the Steelers bin so as to avoid the delay of sorting. May be excessive, but it works. Remember when the Steelers used to sell their extra playoff tickets to those who waited in line, sometimes for days, outside Three Rivers? They stopped that because of the problems that would arise and now the same system works for playoff tickets as well. It must be a decade since I got on the waiting list. Not sure why I didn't think of this when I was an infant, which is probably the only chance I would have had to get season tickets anytime soon. I figure I might have a chance at season tickets when I am retired.. maybe.


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