Monday, August 14, 2006

Pittsburgh expansion friendly!

Pittsburgh is ranked as the 9th most attractive msa (among almost all msa's I think) for new investment and business expansion per this article from Expansion Management magazine. What is the explanation. In general the article says it is:
These metros have the best overall secondary school districts, the greatest concentration of workers with post-secondary advanced and technical degrees, high quality healthcare at a reasonable cost, a place where employees can enjoy exceptional quality of life at a reasonable salary, the best logistics infrastructure, and the best business climates as established by the state legislature in terms of taxes and spending.
Which gets back to one of my chronic complaints about how people usually benchmark education levels for Pittsburgh. It is good for someone to recognize that the Pittsburgh region, and even more so the city, has a significant concentration of highly educated workers. This gets missed often when you see overly simple benchmarking statistics on this. The usualy way one mesures aggregate educational attainment is the proportion with a higher degree in the population 25 and over. Guess what. Pittsburgh has a lot of elderly who are a) out of the workforce already and b) of a generation where higher education was not the norm. We usually show up as 'average' but that is more a refelction of our age demographic. If you look at young working age population that same proportion shows up much higher compared to all other metro areas.

Also in that there is a commentary of interest here in the region about the interaction of government and the promotion of biotechnology industries. It is from a couple months ago but I must have missed it when it appeared in April.


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