Tuesday, August 01, 2006


This would be an easy straight line for someone: I seem to have been made into a tropical storm . Let's hope I fade away. This one has a nasty early projected path.

.. but something transportation related. Via post on governing.com is an interestring article by Joel Garreau, of Edge City fame, in the Washington Post on changes in rural demographics due to telecomuting. While I can't really say this is a trend in or near Pittsburgh it's something to think about. Anecdotally, I have met more than a few people who live in Pittbsurgh but are actually employed in some far flung metro area, from Long Island to San Fran but are in jobs they can do at home or via some travel. Maybe for Friday I will try and derive some reverse commuting map out of Allegheny County to see if anything interesing pops out. In the 7 county Pittsburgh MSA, the census estimates that somewhere between 25K and 35K people work at home.