Friday, September 01, 2006

where would we be?

no map today.. no time. I will take suggestions if there is a map that people want to see which has relatively accessible data to use.

but it is with trepidation that I even bring up as serious a subject as 9/11. If it is not obvious by now, the 5 year anniversary is building to a crescendo of retrospective, memorializing, gnashing and pontificating on what it meant. I don't claim any special insight, but just as a disclaimer point out that I once (long before 9/11) worked at the World Financial Center which is adjacent to the WTC. In a post 9/11 pilgrimage of sorts I saw there was a surreal chunk taken out of floor I worked on which must have resulted from some falling debris. My subway stop was on the other side of the WTC's vast underground concourse which I would need to walk though everyday. A couple months ago I flew into JFK airport and my flight took an atypical southern approach which provided that breathtaking view of NY harbor and southern Manhattan. To see it without the WTC towers still brought a few people to tears.

That is all just a long lead in introducing some essays in New York Magazine worth scanning: "What if 9/11 never happened". Some long, some short, some insightful, some not. My one comment is that even though most things seem the same: our communities look the same, our jobs are the same, etc, etc..... things just are not the same as before. As I think was popularized by the deposed Aaron Brown, there really is a new normal.