Tuesday, October 03, 2006

down the Ohio

So it seems Cincinnati is the benchmark of choice these days for comparing to Pittsburgh. Maybe its the Sports Illustrated cover that is causing it. but it was Harold Miller's column on Sunday that compared our relative economic performances. So what else is going on in Cincinnati:

Their mayor just announced the formation of a public private partnership called GO Cincinnati to save the city. Their big initiative: convert some old factory space into lofts. We better send a team down there to emulate that!

The Cincinnati Enquirer also has a story today decrying how old the housing stock is in Hamilton County. Man, if they think they have old housing stock.

I was just thinking.. LR is young enough that he will have to think of a post-political career (whether that is soon or decades from now).. It may be a good time to lay some groundwork for that and get some advice from Jerry Springer, who is currently dancing with the stars and is (people forget) the former mayor of Cincinnati.


Blogger Amos_thePokerCat said...

Not sure Springer would be the best role model. Especially that whole paying for a hooker with a check.

Wow. Two "negative" back to back PG articles from Harold Miller, who I used to think was a home town Uber-PIT-booster.

HM did not provide a link to the data, Table 3. Employees on nonfarm payrolls by state and metropolitan area, because I was curious as to where did CVG rank in the top 40 metros according to job growth since we were 31, although my sort of this data, we end up at 33 in the top 40. Proabably some Super-sized MSA is listed in two parts. CVG was 26, just behind PHL, both with 1.3%. Other noteable football towns, since that is the standard which we compare town. ;-) DEN, #18, 1.9%. CLT, #22, 1.4%.

Top 5: LAS 5.9%, PHX 5.0%, MCO (Orlando) 3.6%, SEA 3.6%, SBD (Berdo) 3.0%.

I see PIT having lots of similarities with BUF not CVG. Both PIT, and BUF, have core cities that have been "taken over" by the state. BUF already has casinos though. CVG already has a HofBrau.

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