Monday, October 09, 2006

everyone needs a Buffalo

It would be easy to pick on Buffalo.. but sometimes it would feel like picking on ourselves. But here is a recent story on Buffalo's alleged 'brain drain' and how it may be misperceived even there. See this story in the Buffalo News. The article is talking about this policy brief recently put out by the Univ. of Buffalo. I may have to compile similar numbers for Pittsburgh and regions in Pennsylvania.


Blogger Chris said...

Yes it IS easy to pick on Buffalo. Trust me. We are sooo much better off on so many levels. Frankly, I really don't think you can compare the two.

I clicked on the link. The result cracked me up. Typical Buffalo, btw.

We are sorry the story you have requested
(10/7/2006 - Brain drain? Here? Not so fast!)
no longer is active on
If you wish, you may purchase the story through the
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