Monday, November 27, 2006

Don Cannon and the Onion

The Onion (the US version of the Carbolic Smoke Blog) is picking on local news anchor Don Cannon this morning. Supposedly he revealed his nearly quarter million dollar salary on air last night. I presume the story is just fiction like most Onion content, but you never know. The Onion sometimes sneaks in some semi-real news in there. Could Don make that much? News anchors have a wide range of salary. In small markets I bet they make not much above minimum wage, but in top 10 markets I would believe they crack a half million. Where Pittsburgh fits in that range I do not know. Back when Don was there with Paul Long every night Pittsburgh was a larger market so I bet he commanded a decent salary. Today I dunno, not only is Pittsburgh a smaller market today in both a relative and absolute sense but also Don isnt the main anchor anymore. But Don may have some local cache with local viewers that could help him bump up is salary a bit.

More on Pittsburgh wages: I probably should update this, but I once put online a comparision of local to national wages by occupation. If interested you can see the entire list by clicking here.


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