Friday, November 10, 2006

Pennsylvania Redistricting

Wall Street Journal today has a publicly available article that has a lot of good info on Pennsylvania political redistricting past and future. In the past I have done some redistricting consulting. For those who have not seen it there is this report on Voting Patterns in Allegheny County.

One thing to take from the news today that the Pennsylvania House is still up for grabs becasue of 19 whole votes in one eastern PA district is that this has real implications for the future. It's the state legislature that decides on redistricting not only for themselves but also for the congressional seats. If you have the power to reapportion districts you can create districts tailored for specific candidates pretty easily. 2010 is really not that far away in a sense and this election will have a bearing on what party will be in control 4 years from now when the redistricting process ramps up. I have looked at what the 2010 reapportioment will likely mean for Pittsburgh/SW PA in this article article (starting on the bottom of page 1).

but think about it. 19 votes in one district is less than 0.2% of the vote there. must be something like 0.001% of the PA vote (thats a guess, am too lazy to go look up the total PA vote count was)... So for anyone who thinks their vote does not count.


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