Thursday, December 28, 2006

completely random thoughts today:

I gather from various news accounts that the Penguins have not even contacted any local public official concerning their future. I suspect this is all still required per their deal with Isle of Capri, but it does put in perspective how much media attention is spent on the topic. I was thinking though: If some Canadian city either builds a venue for them or offers them any other type of incentive with public money... does that violate NAFTA?*

and remember that $10 you owe? Two local graduate students develop a web site to help people remember those informal debts.

Mostly fluff but Expansion magazine says some nice things about Pittsburgh.

Immigration and cities is the topic of the current issue of the Next American City.

* the answer is no. but its fun to think about trying to use that as a bargaining tool.... at least that argument didn't work the other way for the Nordiques or the Jets. Also, Canadians are actually not so keen on public support for private teams so if a team was lured north it would likely be with private money anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mario has privately expressed his total dislike of Dan Onorato and by extension Luke Ravenstahl.Dan played favorites with Mario's baby. If Onorato was smart,he woulda gave the 30,000 pieces of gold back to the Ratner's and vigorously supported the Isle of Capri.Let's hope a local leader (are there any leaders)can pair Mario up with Don Barden and a privately funded arena can be builton the North Shore...or Chateau

Thursday, December 28, 2006 12:29:00 PM  

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