Friday, December 22, 2006

Go Figure - State house edition

Now that the senate race is over, what really may be the most important political story in the state is the battle for the state house. It is a story not getting the attention it deserves given what it could affect in coming years. News only yesterday that the race for PA's 156th district was conceded. Does it mean the control of the state house is conceded as well? Far from it. See my earlier post suggesting some of the possible shenanigans.

but the Philadelphia Inquirer has been keeping closer track with both recent articles and a blog just on this one race. What may be more interesting is the detail of the recount of the paper ballots. Luckily, the debates do not rise to a chadian level, but you can still see a lot of the same issues

for example you can see the scans of some of the contested ballots here:

and since CP gave up this beat, here are some factoids from the general election for 203 Pennsylvania General Assembly seats in 2006:

- Best showing by a non-major party candidate: Raymond Ondrusek, a Libertarian, who garnered 19.8% of the vote against Rosemarie Swanker in the 102nd Legislative District.

-total number of non-major mary candidates with party lines on the ballot: 33. (Green: 11, Libertarian: 6, all other: 16).

- Votes that Barbara Mcilvaine won the 156th State House District by: 27. As a percentage of the 23K votes cast: 0.1%

-Number of districts won by less than 5 percentage points: 11.

-Democratic margin in the state house 50.2% to 49.8%. Democratic margin in the popular vote for state house races: 53.1% to 45.7%

all are my completely unofficial counts