Sunday, December 24, 2006

If it weren't for immigration...

From the Washington Post on Friday:
"If it weren't for immigration, we'd be Pittsburgh," said Lang, referring to that city's fabled contraction after its steel mills closed.

If you look at the state census estimates just out driving that story, an interesting factoid on Pennsylvania pops out. Let's skip the longer discussion of just how good these annual estimates are. Pennsylvania shows a net loss people due to migration to other states of all of 492 people. As a percentage of the state's 12.4 million population that is essentially even. Good/bad? At the very least it's hard to say hordes are fleeing Pennsylvania. Comparable numbers for neighborhing Ohio ( -48K people or -0.42% of total population) and New York (-225K/ -1.17%) are much worse.

What does it mean for Pittsburgh. Likely not much. The growth parts of the state are likely the same as they have been for years: mostly the NE part of the state seeing growing migration of residents from the NYC area, also south central parts of the state seeing growth and expansion of the Washington/Baltimore area.


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