Sunday, December 17, 2006

taxo ergo sum

The existence of Brownsville borders on a metaphysical question these days. PG has a story today about how the town has laid off all but one (part-time) employee. May be a good time to take a look at the work done by then county controller (now court of Common Pleas judge) Frank Lucchino and this old report on Voluntary Disincorporation of municipalities. To a degree the debate over the legal basis of disincorporation is becoming ever more moot. I have mentioned in the past that the de facto disincorporation of our region's municipalities has already begun.

Just an aside. Some may think the oped in the PG by San Franciscan Aaron Gellner about Pittsburgh looks a little familiar. Some may remember that his original oped from last October we blogged about back then.

and if you missed it. The news that Westinghouse won a contract in China is seriously big news. When you can't decide whether a deal is worth $5 or $8 billion it tells you something.