Thursday, January 25, 2007

If the Penguins stay... how long?

So the Governor says talks with the Penguins ownership are going well.. at the same time Mario is visiting not just KC but Houston as well. Whatever the case is, there is a question of what the deal with be with the Penguins will be if they do stay. This is all happening so fast in a sense that you wonder how the final contract will be written. So just for comparison I was able to obtain from contract maven Tim Murray (aka one of the Messrs Carbolic Smoke Blog) the contract between the Sports and Exhibition Authority and the Pirates leasing PNC Park. For those so inclined it is interesting reading even for the non-lawyers among us. On page 37 (or page 42 per the PDF numbering) is the kicker where the Pirates agree not to relocate for 29.5 years. I am told its a pretty tight deal with little wiggle room for the Pirates to get out of the deal. Will there be a similar clause in the yet to be signed deal with the Penguins? Just asking.


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