Sunday, January 14, 2007

moving moving moving

Worth a look is this report put out regularly by United Van Lines on moving patterns across the country. Also available is their detailed data by state.

This is a useful bit of information, but best to realize it's not the entire picture. Not everyone gets captured by moving companies when it comes to migration patterns across the country. People who move themselves, move from overseas and other migrations are often not captured by this type of data. For example, I am not sure you want to put to much emphasis in one conclusion from this data that everyone is fleeing Florida.

One big factor is that youth migration is not really captured well. Young people often dont have that much to move and move themselves. Also, Pennsylvania is consistently the largest net attractors of students matriculating into college and that plays a big role in population movements across the country as well. Thus it is interesting to compare this data to census migration estimates which shows Pennsylvania near breakeven when it comes to migration within the US.


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