Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Urban reading bag

The New York Times had a piece on Sunday on the state of regional planning worth taking a look at: Happy 2030 New York, Where the Dreamers Are Asleep By Joyce Purnick. The story mentions New Yorks Regional Planning Organization. The comparable Pittsburgh Regional Planning Association used to be a much more active organization.

On a related topic also worth a look is a new webstite at the Univeristy of Minnesota: NEXUS which "studies and reports findings on the relationships between Networks, Economics, and Urban Systems through dedicated project work and research by experts in engineering, economics, transportation, anthropology and communication". I see there a journal article worth a look on the value of bike paths: Tilahun, Nebiyou Yonas David M. Levinson, Kevin J. Krizek (2005) Trails, Lanes, or Traffic: Value of Different Bicycle Facilities Using Adaptive Stated-Preference Survey 05-2023) presented at 84th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board in Washington, DC, January 9-13th 2005.