Friday, February 02, 2007

alternative transit

Well, it has been an interesting blog week here for sure. and I have kept a promise to myself to stay out of blog-topic #1, as funny or sad as it is. I am sure I will have more thoughts on public transit soon. Lots of transit comments have have come in from friends, colleagues and others that I still need to digest. So stay tuned.

but just to cap the week's discussion on the future of public transit.. I was just wondering that with the plan for a casino on the North Shore, will someone try to resurrect the plan to build an aerial tram from Mount Washington to the North Shore. Check out where it was supposed to go: right to where the entrance of the Majestic Star is slated to go.

Lest anyone get confused. As fun as it sounds I am kidding, though these people sounded quite serious. I suspect it is neither feasible nor legal. But if they did do it, I could see some great future movie scenes filmed with it, maybe not with James Bond though.


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