Tuesday, March 27, 2007

less than two fathoms needed

Just something I was thinking about... but mark my words. I would lay good odds that we will again be talking about a temporary casino in town. With the indefinite delay caused by litigation, and a growing realization that the 14 month construction schedule was a tad optimisitic, the incentive to get a temporary casino into operation becomes a little harder to ignore.

Yes, I know the Majestic Star proposal said it would not build a temporary casino. Circumstances are ever changing and lost revenue accumulates every day. If it is not strictly precluded by law, I have to believe that the state would be more than receptive to the idea if it could bring in revenue up to a year before a permanent casino will be built.

No, this isn't a recommendation and I am sure my mentioning the idea is not going to spur the idea forward. I am quite sure this is already being discussed somewhere. I suspect that there will be no open discussion of the topic as long as the license itself is being litigated. but the day after the license is formally awarded free and clear....

As for when and where. What is the quickest option? Maybe a riverboat. That makes even more sense given the location of Majesitc Star which was where a riverboat casino was going to go in a decade ago.

Think I am nuts? We will see.


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