Thursday, March 01, 2007

Pitt News editorial: City Lacks a Reputation

I am not mentioning this because of my own quotes in it, but I think the Pitt News has a good article today covering all the various perspectives on the eternal questions over Pittsburgh's retention of young people.. For more see:

City Lacks a Reputation
February 28, 2007.
Assistant News Editor. Pitt News

In fact, I am not sure I remember talking to the fellow, but those are clearly my quotes. The single most important quote in it comes from a recruiting person at ALCOA who said:
"There are plenty of opportunities here in Pittsburgh for young people. And a company doesn't like to have to pay to relocate a new hire, so it's always a plus to find homegrown employees."
That is the single most important perspective to understand labor force migration in Pittsburgh. Lots of local college graduates means that local companies find plenty of job-seeking graduates to fill their recruiting needs and they like that. Its means lower cost for them, both in search and relocation costs, and likely gets you workers who are less likely to move away over the long run. Lots of local employers have gotten out of the habit, not that they were ever in that habit, of recruiting for workers nationally the way their competitiors in lots of other regions need to. What that means however is that we don't attract as many people moving into the region as would be typical elsewhere. That is an issue unto itself but it means the whole issue about "keeping our young people" is not exactly the problem that absolutley everyone thinks it is. Some may recall that this is a theme of mine going back a few years, especially to my thoughts on the infamous Border Guard Bob.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another one of those articles to make us all feel bad for living in Pittsburgh. When are people around here going to get past 1985?

Friday, March 02, 2007 10:24:00 AM  

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