Friday, March 02, 2007

rant alert

OK, I know many of my posts are rant-like enough already, but this is just pure rant. There are just too many important things going on in the world to rationalize this continuing obsession with the plight of Anna Nicole Smith's remains. What is wrong with us? and yes, for those who wonder about such things, the rest of the world thinks we are nuts when they see us focusing on things like this. It's embarrassing.

But the two degrees of Pittsburgh strikes again. A friend reminded me of a bit of personal and Pittsburgh trivia related to all of this. The media has dutifully reported that the Broward County Coroner used to be the coroner here in Allegheny County. The scary thing is.... I can even connect myself to the good Dr. Perper. Apparently it must not pay a lot to be coroner, or deputy coroner or whatever he was way back when. Dr. Perper also moonlighted at the military entrance processing station in Federal building downtown. So this is not just me, but like most of a generation who enlisted here, when I joined America's 17th line of defense long ago, it was Dr. Perper who poked and prodded and had to approve the deal. Thus I have the rare privilege of being examined by the man while I still had a pulse. I am sure his signature is buried on some piece of paperwork buried in my personal record. Given the lunacy of the media coverage, if I could find it do you think could I sell it for anything on ebay?

Yeah, I know you were all dying to know that.