Wednesday, March 21, 2007

transit blogging

There is a new blog focused just on Transit in Pittsburgh. It's about time. Actually it's a critical time. Even though the news cycle is preoccupied on other things, this Friday March 23rd may be the most important date affecting the future of public transit in Allegheny County. The Port Authority executive board is meeting on that day and I presume they will be deciding the shape of cuts to come up for final approval at the full board meeting the following Friday March 30th. I do not think there will not be another board meeting before new routes are assigned to drivers for the coming year and any change at that point will become virtually impossible. So just a couple days, hours lets call it, is all that is really left before the Port Authority votes to implement some form of the cuts it has proposed.

In case you can't recall all the issues. Here is a compendium of past posts here on public transit issues:


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