Monday, April 30, 2007

monday morning musings

Some very rare sports commentary. but for those who care it was an interesting day in the Steeler world yesterday. The Steelers actually traded away a draft pick in order to acquire a punter?? Daniel Sepulveda out of Baylor. You can read all that in the news, but thanks to BehindTheSteelCurtain for a lead to a film that explains what you can't understand just by reading about him. You really need to watch for #37 in this film. That's the punter at the end of this play. Can you say form tackle?

on arts: Mike noticed the AP story running on arts in Pittsburgh. Some may be interested in this not too long ago report: Pittsburgh Arts Organizations: Finances, Public and Private Funding and Impact on the Local Economy. by the Pennsylvania Economy League, Western Division. March 1989.

on regionalism.. both because of the PG story on Sunday, and as Sam points out the Cleveland Plain Dealer is running a series on regional government issues up the pike. Just because it is such a neverending topic you can read up on the issues here if you wish on my: Primer on Local Government Fragmentation and Regionalism in the Pittsburgh Region.


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