Tuesday, April 17, 2007

presidential elections: money and maps

The New York Times has already started mapping out political contributions for the 2008 Presidential Campaign. The thing that is interesting is that all of SW Pennsylvania shows a total contribution to all candidates of a mere$13,500. That is a fraction of many other comparable regions in the US. Why such a pittance coming out of Western PA? I don't have the data to really figure this out, but that has to put the Pittsburgh region close to the bottom in terms of contributions per capita. I have no idea why. The list only compiles data for current candidates. Maybe former candidate and Pittsburgh native Tom Vilsack had contributions from local contributors that displaced contributions to others. Another hypothesis: the active (until recently that is) mayoral fundraising could have displaced some of the giving that would have otherwise gone toward presidential candidates. But beyond that I have no idea what is up. Worth some research maybe? I wonder if anyone has ever looked up a correlation between political giving and charitable giving. Why do I ask? Some may remember the news blurbs that said Pittsburgh ranks low in terms of charitable giving on an individual basis. I have some theories on what is causing that, but I would not have thought them to be applicable to political giving as well.


but this is pretty cool: Anyone with an inkling of interest in political history needs to check out the New School's Parsons Institute for Information Mapping (PIIM) Voting Tool. You really need to try it out by launching the application by clicking on the map on the left. It has different types of presentations of presidential electoral results that I have yet to figure out. It also allows you to play with counterfactual outcomes by state to see how different elections could have turned out. It also has electoral results mapped out by state for every presidential election ever. Pretty amazing. For example, which election had this result as Pennsylvania as the one of the lone red states?


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