Tuesday, May 08, 2007

book of the (undetermined time period) club

Here is the first book in the unofficial Briem Book Club. Given the growing debate over the impact of a new arena on the Hill District, I do think everyone ought to read Root Shock, by Dr. Mindy Fullilove. My review of the book was actually printed in the PG. The review itself was really overshadowed by some emotional photos from its own archives which the PG ran with the text. Unfortunately those photos are not online.

Full disclosure: I believe I get some token compensation if you use the link below , but if you care to support your local blogger, here is a quick way to purchase the book:

PS. I am not sure the use of the Amazon associates program is a good idea. I will try this as a test for the moment. I really can't imagine I will wind up with more than a few cent's out of the deal (or about one googolth the value of Oprah's Book Club) so it ought not to endanger any objectivity here. I'm tempted to offer lunch to the first person who earns me a commission as it were, but that is too much of a loss leader even for the cheapest lunch.

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