Friday, May 18, 2007

H1B visa sponsors

InformationWeek has an interesting table out there of the top 200 companies sponsoring H1-B visas in 2006. It used to be that local company iGate, formerly Mastech, would rank near the top in this list.. right up there with some of the huge corporations that consistently sponsor the largest numbers of H1-B visas.. firms like Microsoft, Intel and IBM. This year iGate is on the list, but has slipped to #42 with 378 visas sponsored in 2006... though that does put it ahead of #53 Google with 328 sponsored visas. The University of Pittsburgh is #73 (and the 11th ranked university by my count) with 275 visas sponsored. Anyone see any other local firms on that list? Harrisburg based Rite-Aid is way up there (#63 with 301 visas sponsored).


Not the same issue, but it seems a good point to poke fun at our friends in the media. I read this a while back about a California paper advertising to outsource a journalist position to India. That has to be a joke. Something about reading the transcripts online.


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