Friday, June 15, 2007

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Speaking of the reading list there on the right... some pieces of note:

The most recent Area Development Magazine has a several stories on regional competition for the biotech industry (DNA-chasing?). One article looks specifically at the incentives offered to lure biotech investment.

Not online, but the current edition of Economic Development Quarterly has an article by 3 local authors on the impact of technology change in the steel industry. See Frank Giarratani, Gene Gruver, and Randall Jackson (I am counting WVU as local): Clusters, Agglomeration, and Economic Development Potential: Empirical Evidence Based on the Advent of Slab Casting by U.S. Steel Minimills Economic Development Quarterly 2007 21: 148-164

Via the Government Innovations Network is a story out of Lancaster, PA on the rise of Chinese being taught in high school. Has anyone ever surveyed how many local schools offer Chinese as an option. You know.. I don't pretend this would be easy to pull off, but maybe a simple economic development strategy would be to recruit enough enough teachers from China to have Mandarin taught in every school.

American City and County asks if the Government Accounting and Standards Board has gone too far by mandating GASB rule 45 which says local governments have to account for future health care costs. GASB 45 was actually written up of late last Sunday in the PG. Yet I was surprised to see no mention at all of the City of Pittsburgh in that article. The sheer number of retirees the city now supports means it will be impacted by future health care costs more than almost any other jurisdiction in the nation. You would think that in itself would have prompted a least one call to the city controller of finance department to see if their GASB 45 report is forthcoming. Really strange actually.

Also not online unfortunately, but the current edition of the Next American City has an article focused on the green aspects of the new Children's Hospital being built in Lawrenceville.

and finally Stateline provides a link to this story in the Miami Herald about another weird episode at the nexus of politics and blog-dom. Something about the Lt. Governor 'vandalizing' his own web or blog. The story is confusing. I do wonder if there is a journal article out there on the nascent interaction of the two worlds.


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