Tuesday, June 19, 2007

What happens to the Parrot?

This was played at Sunday's Pirates game. From youtube you can see a couple versions of the Parrot's Final Episode.

and someone ought to be fired for letting the power go out for the Daktronics screen.

and who knew they filmed the Sopranos in Ritters?

Update. apologies for any confusion. I shortened this post from what I first put up yesterday. There was some superfluous content on Kevin McClatchy's purchase of a stake in gather.com that just got in the way. The PG has followed up with their own story on the Pirate Parroty. Something else that is pretty funny: looking at the log for this site, it seems that literally a few minutes after I first put that post up, I started getting hits from someome at the daktronics.com domain. All because I mentioned their product? I wonder if I set off some quality assurance alarm.


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