Thursday, July 19, 2007

Biodiesel goes mainstream

I really don't mean to be a commercial for anyone, but this deserves to be noted... I just noticed that the Giant Eagle Getgo on Baum and Morewood in Oakland is now (or will be soon.. I am not sure since it's impossible to get near a pump on most days) selling Biodiesel fuel. It's a important transition for the market be enter mainstream outlets locally.
I wish I could take some credit for the idea, but I doubt there are any Iggle execs following my musings. Nonetheless I will repeat my past suggestion that Giant Eagle offer Double Fuelperks for Biodiesel!! It may not be a money maker, but it would be great advertising. It also could be a way to offset the differential benefit that small tank efficient cars get from fuelperks compared to large tank SUV's.

It's a good thing for the big picture, but I feel bad that this type of mainstreaming really hits the first-move innovators. Just up the street from the Baum and Morewood Iggle was one of the only Biodiesel sales locations in the region. I suspect it will find it hard compete against the GetGo, but we will see. Maybe there will be biodiesel competition?


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