Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Business Bluescreen in the Burgh

The Pittsburgh Business Times has an interesting new video production of local business news daily . I am not an objective commenter on the subject, but it seems like a good idea to me.... kind of reminds me of staring at a Bloomberg Box. I was looking at the daily edition the other day and realized quickly the news reader was clearly not from Pittsburgh. Not a surprise I guess, but it made me curious.... if they had someone reading the news from elsewhere, where else were they reading the news for?

So here are some of the daily news videos from Pittsburgh, Philly, and St. Louis I think... I stopped there, it would have been a really long list if I showed all of them... talk about economies of scale...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I would think that the SNOW CAPPED mountains might have been a dead giveaway that the first picture is not St. Louis. I think that it is Denver.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007 11:11:00 AM  

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