Saturday, July 21, 2007

Defining Pittsburghs, as in Plural

Mike cuts through the chaff and provides some needed synthesis to the region's equity problems. I will not try to add to that. But from the recent study: Pittsburgh's Racial Demographics: Differences and Disparities, put out by Pitt's Center for Race and Social Problems, here are some maps that say enough by themselves. I think I have put these up before:

and I could put up a comparable map of the the region, but it really is... well... just a lot of white space.

Update: I wrote the above before I saw that Sunday PG's Next Page section has a feature on "Memories of growing up in a segregated city". Looking at the maps above, you have to wonder if things are less segregated now than in the past. A lot of city neighborhoods once had racially mixed populations... places like the Hill District, Garfield, East Liberty and elsewhere were not as segregated as they are today. At least residentially.