Monday, July 16, 2007

file under famous ex Pittsburghers

I am sure many in town know this already, but for those who do not : the Colbert Report will have as a guest tonight (Monday 11:30pm on the Comedy Channel) ex-Pittsburgher and nouveau Canadienne Richard Florida.

I will also use this as a foil to try an experiment in crowdsourcing. I really could use some help from any digital video geeks out there. Here is a funny picture of Richard Florida and myself on KDKA's Evening Magazine, er.. I mean WQED's OnQ some years ago.

It's funny for lots of reasons, but mostly because I look so hip in my old wall street grey suit. If you click on the image you theoretically would call up the avi file video. But here is the problem. (if you are not a digital video geek, you can stop reading now, I exhaust my own knowledge just by describing the problem). I lost the original tape some years ago and don't ask me how I did this, the actual video is encoded with a codec that is aparently non-standard. Something called VDOW or VDOLive which when I look it up is something made for live streaming for a Mac. But I can't find a video player that can view this .avi file anymore...let alone convert it to something else. I'd like to save this in a more useful format. Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions can you let me know. ( Thanks.


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