Sunday, August 05, 2007

and even again.......

I am sure nobody needs me to survey the news for them... but these are just few things buried in the paper you might have missed that follow up on the topic of local government reform. Take a look at the letter to the editor in the Post Gazette Sunday from Joan Riehm. It says she is the former Deputy Mayor of the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro and explains some of the complexities/misconceptions of the merger there that everyone talks about. It's mostly curious to me in that she felt a need to write it at all.

Also in the PG business section, Harold Miller discusses related issues surrounding local goverment organization in SW Pennsylvania. 900 governments is a real number. What do they all do? We think often about counties, municipalities and even school districts, but people don't often realize there are also so many special district governments in Pittsburgh. Harold also mentions the discussion of municipal disincorporation... something former County Controller, now Court of Common Pleas Court Judge, Frank Lucchino once proposed creating an option for.

and something just on labor markets in general. Here is an essay in the Boston Globe by a former Pittsburgh and unemployed bio-scientist on the difficulties of finding a job. As I like to say, unemployment isn't 4-5%, it's 0 or 100% depending on your personal situation.


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