Saturday, August 04, 2007

OT: for my inner historian

Professor Daniel J.B. Mitchell of UCLA's Anderson School of Management has an amazing trough of stuff on youtube that really captures some important points in US history. It was his upload of the rotary phone training video I mentioned recently. But that is just one of many things he has uploaded. Some are pretty amazing.

Take the video below, well actually an audio recording with a still picture . I know my American history.. Ronald Reagan was once an active labor leader and a Democrat. Yet just how much of a Democrat was he? I was pretty shocked listenening to this recording of Ronald Reagan campaigning for Truman. You have to listen to the whole thing, it gets ever more liberal as it goes. Even more ironic, he is actually introducing Hubert Humphrey who was running for senate from Minnesota at the time and who would become one of the most liberal senators of his time.


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