Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Morning Reading List

Otto Graham must be rolling in his grave this morning. I really have nothing to say... let's just go down the reading list:

From Area Development Magazine two articles worth a scan: Downtown on the Upswing and Economic Growth — Looking Behind the Numbers and one commentary: Brownfield Redevelopment Helps Communities and Businesses Prosper

I mentioned this one earlier, but it was not available online at the time. The Next American City has a story: The Steel City Goes Green with a quirkier companion piece about a green nunnery in Pittsburgh.

Not online, but some may want to go look up: The Research University and the Development of High-Technology Centers in the United States, by Raymond Smilor, Niall O'Donnell, Gregory Stein, and Robert S. Welborn, III in the Economic Development Quarterly 2007 21: 203-222. also in the same issue: The Impact of the Reputation of Bio-Life Science and Engineering Doctoral Programs on Regional Economic Development by Edward W. (Ned) Hill and Iryna Lendel

From the Government Innovations Network: a new paper: State and Federal E-Government in the United States, 2007. How does Pennsylvania do?

and if you didn't see it, worth a read from the Trib over the weekend: The fall and rise of the Mon Valley


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