Thursday, September 06, 2007

political numerology

Since I have forsworn local political comments until November, I will not say anything new about the debate du jour over how to fund the city's pension plans. You are free to look up some of the past posts I have addressing the issue. Also already on the record, a few years ago I wrote slightly more coherently in The Race for Mayor: The City's Stealth Crisis. And better than Ambien, here are the three most current actuarial reports for the city's 1) Police, 2) Fire and 3) General Municipal pension funds. enjoy.


but for those who will soon be obsessing on national political issues, here is a blog that out does them all in terms of collecting the national poll numbers. See


and occasional blogger Job Delano has new extended comments on the propects for the fall mayoral race anyway. Not what you may expect him to say and he admits to a dialectic between what he actually thinks will happen and how the media will be reporting the race.


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