Sunday, September 02, 2007

Youngstown musings

Several intersting points in this piece today from Youngstown's Tribune Chronicle:HELP WANTED: Finding workers can be hard work for area companies . One is the headline story about finding workers. Also there are some stories mentioned in passing. They mention how there were state and local incentives offered to attracts some jobs from Leeds Corp, a Pittsburgh area company. If you define the regional economy big enough, it's hard to see how that type of economic fratricide makes sense. But most significantly it highlights a factoid from some recent census numbers that came out showing that Youngstown's median wage dropping significantly from $26,516 in 2005 to $21,850 in 2006, a 17.6 percent decline which I don't think even takes into account inflation. That is troubling if true, but it is something they are checking to see if the measurement itself is correct.

A little farther away, but still just up the road in a sense.. the NYT has a piece today on the foreclosure crisis impact on Maple Heights, OH just outside Cleveland.

Youngstown and the larger Ohio economy was looked at the other day as well by this Forbes article.


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