Tuesday, October 23, 2007

350 hours

Ok ok... am I like the only blog remotely connected to Pittsburgh that does not have a comment on the Mayoral Debate last night. Yes, I watched. Yes, I have thoughts... but I will hold my tongue as I said I would try to do. For the non-Pittsburgh readers here who might not follow the nexus of all creative thought in town... I will defer all commentary on the debate itself to this picture posted on the Carbolic Smoke Blog... that picture (and especially the 'addition') is just too funny. Thinking about the CSB crew..... you know, if Steven Colbert can run for president....... oh, scratch that thought.

but it's now two weeks until the fall election right? Seems shorter when you think of it as 350 hours or so until polls close... and some of that both candidates and voters need to use for sleep.

So what can I say without saying anything. In the spirit of openness... and just presenting data for you do interpret as you please...you could put this together yourself if you wanted to. I have put into one excel file a compilation of all election returns by voting district for the major races in the City of Pittsburgh over the last decade. Also included are the basic demographics and some other details that I am sure will be of interest to the political junkies (meant generically of course) out there. I hope someone puts this to good use. See this link to download the file:



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