Sunday, October 07, 2007

and the one will become many....

Speaking of generation gaps...... Wired News had a news blurb about how was opening up its platform for everyone to vLog their lives. Not that I undertand any of this, but I thought this was some alter ego to Pittsburgh's iJustine, but I learned that the two are one and the same sort of... or at least iJustine is just one of many vLog'ers on the site, which was founded by Justin Kan. There is even an economic factoid to all of this. The article points out how even the expensive video livestreaming world has seen its costs drop exponentially. It quotes someone involved with the site who says their costs per "user hour" have dropped from 36 cents to less than a penny. Apparently the site was just supposed to be the vLog of its founder Mr. Kan, but Justine E. must be what they describe as "select group of beta broadcasters".

What it all means? I dunno, but do not expect a null space video feed anytime soon. Can you imagine how dull that would be? but I can see the future factoid now... what city will be the vLoggiest someday.


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