Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blog-freedom in Cleveland

I have been watching the Cleveland Plain Dealer's experiment with citizen blogging: http://www.cleveland.com/blogs/. Actually it is a mix of their staff and invited bloggers on all sorts of subjects, call it a blog-nexus and it seems to have been working pretty well. One of the more interesting blogs was Wide Open Politics which focused on their local politics . Well, that experiment ran into a snag today when Congressman Steve LaTourette (R-14) had one of the invited citizen bloggers fired because he objected to the content of his postings. I suspect there will be some rebuttal to that version, but it sure does not sound good. You can read more about this on the Ohio Daily Blog: BREAKING: Congressman LaTourette Gets Blogger Fired From "Wide Open".

The allegation of censorship is bad enough, but I really have to wonder what the Plain-Dealer was thinking and why this wasn't anticipated on their part. Either they didn't anticipate politicians to react badly to the postings of political bloggers, which would have been grossly naive, or they knew this was going to happen and figured they would have to jettison a content provider at some point. Were they planning to cave at the first inkling of opposition? I will be watching to see what response there is to all of this, but its not a proud moment.


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