Saturday, October 13, 2007

Border Guard Bob seems like a renaissance guy

Oh man, I may have to rehabilitate Border Guard Bob. This is even stranger than the idea once generated here to kidnap young people from elsewhere and bring them to Pittsburgh. Adfreak has a post about a bizarre ad campaign down in Louisville working toward the goal of attracting young people. Yes, we are not the only place that obsesses on this issue. You really need to watch some of their ad clips on youtube or via their "ShareLouisville" website with proudly (and I hope tongue-in-cheek) proclaims:

"Everywhere in America people are suffering and leading sad, empty lives. Everywhere except in a city called Louisville, where anything is possible."

Just checking this out some, there are some other similarities with Louisville. Maybe this goes along with the obsession on young people/migration, but Louisville also has its own diasporan bloggers such as The Urban Louisvillan who actually resides in Chicago. But from that Blog it is amazing how many things Louisville is planning are actually things we have already or will be trying as well. New sports arena? check. New downtown redevelopment? check. You could say they are like a decade behind us, just as they are with goofy ads.

and many know Louisville is example #1 these days in the whole debate over government consolidation. Ignoring most of that for the moment, I did learn from this blog that L'ville's neighbor: Jeffersonville, Indiana is also consolidating government via annexation.


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