Friday, October 12, 2007

party registration

As we are now well under 4 weeks to the fall election, I sense at least a heartbeat of interest on the street. So as not too stray to far into the political harangues of the day I am just noting the debate over whether minor party candidates should participate in the major election events like the debate last night. What is a valid threshhold to be considered a viable 'third party' here or elsewhere?

Here are some relevant factoids. I will paste below the registration by party within the city of Pittsburgh as of last month. It really is amazing how small some of the third parties really are. While the Libertatian candidate for mayor at least officially represents 1,185 registered Libertatians in the city (a whopping 0.5% of all registered voters), the Socialist Worker candidate for mayor is himself a major chunk of the 28 registered socialists in the city. Now I know that party registration does not reflect actual political philosophy (and he needed more than 28 signatures to get his petitions submitted I would bet) and some parties carry a stigma you don't want to have on public record even if you are a sympathizer... but even some third parties considered relatively successful in a sense have minimal registration. Reform Party? 41 registered voters. Green Party? 965 total.

Party Total Registration
Consumer 20 0.0%
Democrat 163,485 72.4%
Reform 41 0.0%
Green 965 0.4%
Independent 1,946 0.9%
Libertatian 1,185 0.5%
Miscellaneous 11,183 5.0%
No Party 14,195 6.3%
Patriot 19 0.0%
Republican 32,667 14.5%
Socialist 28 0.0%
Constitutional 107 0.0%
Constitution 19 0.0%
Total 225,860


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to get into a political harangue or anything, but I think the name of the party is DemocratIC, as in the Democratic Committee of Allegheny County.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007 9:22:00 AM  

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