Sunday, November 25, 2007

Leftover pot luck

The Post Gazette looks at local babies named for places. Didn't someone once ask if there were any baby 'Pittsburgh''s out there? A commenter to that post pointed out the best baby name web site: The Baby Name Wizard. But it looks like the PG tried to find a baby Pittsburgh , but could not find one. Someday?

Maybe over Christmas we will see a new wave of tourists. From the Kansas City Star is yet another travel piece on visiting Pittsburgh.

The folks at Marginal Revolution point out a study from a couple years ago that ranked the most liberal and conservative cities in the US. See the full report by the Bay Area Center for Voting Research. Pittsburgh is ranked 34th out of 236 cities they rank in terms of 'most liberal'. Also on that site you can see that their center is listed on EBAY, so you too can own a piece of a think tank... sort of a Think Tank IPO. Who buys think tanks? Maybe Null Space could be sold virtually on Second Life for some virtual money?

and amid all the Thanksgiving cheer, little notice was paid to the anniversary of JFK's assassination the same day. A moment that impacted the nation and the world, but had a particular impact on local politics. The next 4 decades of our politics would be impacted by two of the players in the post-assassination investigation: Arlen Specter who came up with the silver bullet theory is now the longest serving Pennsylvania Senator ever. Over that time he has beaten a lot of other candidates. and Cyril Wecht of course, who has both a web site and occasional journal/blog, the recent entry is scintillating: A Note to Funeral Home Directors. His profile would forever be elevated and would dominate local politics for years. People forget, CW was an Allegheny County commissioner at one point long before he lost to Jim Roddey for the new post of County Chief Executive.

and everyone is talking about Pittsburgh's history these day, but even the articles I see today do not mention that it was literally today, November 25th, that in 1758 the British captured Fort Duquesne during the French and Indian War. My own cent and a half, but I just don't get why all the history compilations leading up to the 250 celebrations rarely mention Pittsburgh's history in World War II.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: Most Liberal List

I didn't spend the time to look at methodology... but just looking at the list... Detroit "Most Liberal"??? Looking at the cities at the top of the list... it seems to be a ranking of cities that have the highest % of population voting Democrat in elections... which certainly does not equate to "liberal". Detroit has a population that is near 90% African-American... African-Americans tend to vote 90% of the time for Democrats... Gary and Cleveland are similar cases. I don't think anyone would confuse Gary with a "liberal mecca".

While there are a couple legitimately "liberal" cities like Berkely and San Francisco near the top... most of these cities are merely cities that have very high % African American population.

Sunday, November 25, 2007 7:09:00 PM  
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