Tuesday, November 06, 2007

those old college ties

If you doubt the power of incumbency, it goes beyond the ability to pave certain streets or control the news cycle. If you were watching the lead-in to Monday Night Football you might have noticed the most valuable bit of "earned media" that you could ever devise.

MNF had a pre-game scenelet titled 'smash mouth football' to play up the Steelers-Ravens rivalry. It had a trailing image of a road sign for 'Pittsburgh' with a less than subtle tag line 'Mayor Luke Ravenstahl 2007'. I'm not sure I've ever seen such an explicit mayoral reference like that in an NFL pre-game show. All I can say is that if one could design the perfect product placement for a Pittsburgh audience, that may have been it. Was it fair? That's a question, but the symbolism of where this appeared is just amazing. The skit's theme of "Smash mouth football" is a pretty good analogy for politics at any level and this is clearly one of those things that an incumbent can generate to the consternation of a challenger. In this case, the last image, and in particular the mayoral reference, seemed a bit out of place. I doubt we will ever know, but it would be interesting to know if it was added in after that piece was produced.

well, here we go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Say Chris, there's some blog debate going on about who benefits from low voter turnout--the incumbent or the challenger, the GOTV machine or the motivated voter. I'm having trouble finding anything with Google. Are you familiar with any studies on this?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007 1:37:00 AM  

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