Saturday, December 08, 2007

Baltimore on the Mon

From the entertainment desk...... I was a big fan of the Squonk Opera's introspective look at all our innumerable hangups which they made into the show: Pittsburgh: The Opera last year.... They have been on the road and it is interesting to read this review in the Baltimore Sun of their show down there. see: Pittsburgh on the Patapsco. I sense a bit of "We're allowed to say that, but you aren't" from the Baltimoreans..... Imagine a bit if a troupe from elsewhere came to town and attempted to do a show telling us about ourselves. We would run them out of town or they would quickly be subsumed by our collective angst and need to be institutionalized.

More importantly, I see that the Squonk opera is bringing back it's Pittsburgh show in January. If you are reading this blog, I guarantee it's something you want to see. Then we just have to go convince The Absolute Pitts to make a comeback.


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