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Certainly not a new idea on my part... but I still wonder if people realize how much of the fight against global warming is going on right here. For example check out the location of the authors of this article just out: The United States Department of Energy's Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships Program Validation Phase. Environment International. Volume 34, Issue 1; January, 2008; Pages 127-138.

Of course, a lot of the coal that has been burned over the last century has come from the vast Pittsburgh Seam. For more on how the region's energy history ties together you can read my old oped: Energy-Burgh.

and an obligatory plug for something else I have mentioned in the past: the Pitt Veggiemobile.


Blogger Schultz said...

Energy Burgh is becoming a reality. I sat next to a Westinghouse engineer on a flight a few weeks back - it sounds like their Nuclear business is booming.

Our dependence on coal for electricity here in the US still worries me. As long as we keep electing politicians who are in the pockets of big coal (Consol was #1 contributer to Tim Murphy's campaign), this region will continue to be one of the biggest contributers to Global Warming. When I say this region I am referring to Ohio, W.VA, and Western PA. We have some of the worst polluting coal fired electricity plants right here in our backyard. We have one of the highest concentrations of mercury in our lakes and streams. We've been one of the worst for some time now because the penalties for polluting have been so small it is cheaper for the utilities to take their chances with the fines than it is to invest in cleaner delivery mechanisms.

The companies that are contributing to these problems seem to be doing little except pay lip service to clean coal technologies. Until the penalties for polluting are stiffer than the $25,000 fines being levied on First Energy's Bruce Mansfield plant, we won't see major changes or reductions in GHG emissions. Coal is going to be around for a while though, the only threat to it's dominance in electricity generation is Nuclear, which is clean, but which also has it's own issues. I think European nations have demonstrated the viability and safety of Nuclear Power as a source of the majority of electricity generation. It's time we figured out a fair plan for nuclear waste storage - one that does require us trucking nuclear materials all the way across the country to Nevada. States should be responsible for their own waste - and should pay other states to allow them to store the waste in their facilities.

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